This time, to enhance the business performance, Mr. Inamori shared tips to make the best use of our subconscious. The words quoted with “” are Inamori’s words.

“In order to achieve high goals, it is necessary to first have a strong and persistent desire to be the envisaged status. Whether it’s developing a new product, increasing sales volume, or improving the production yield and direct efficiency, we must have a strong desire: ‘We must commit ourselves to achieve the target no matter what happens’. Whether you are asleep or awake, by thinking about your targets repeatedly, your desires will permeate under your subconscious mind. Once you’ve got such a status, your subconscious mind works even when you are asleep and drives you to deliver the better performance, and ultimately allow you to realize your desires. ”

To make the subconscious mind a strong driver, I thought we should keep in our mind the following tips.

1 Trust the driving power of the subconscious mind. (Willingness to try)

2 Be aware of the root cause which humpers subconscious function (think about the benefits under the status-quo)

3 Imagine us fulfilled


Let me elaborate one by one.

1 Trust the driving power of the subconscious mind. (Willingness to try)

Inamori said “It is said that everything that a human being thinks and experiences from birth to death is accumulated in this subconscious area. Our subconscious mind has also been said to have ten times the capacity of our conscious mind.To use such a subconscious mind daily, we must strongly and persistently desire and think ideas under conscious level. Even in business, if you use this subconscious mind, you can certainly deliver great results. For example, we think about various things every day to make our company better. When that thought fills in the subconscious mind, we would unintentionally get the great insight to make a breakthrough. “

→ People sometimes think as follows.
I can’t believe that idea.
Thoughts don’t work to physically change reality.
We can’t change everything as we desire.

Those mindsets prevent our subconscious from panning out. The last principle of the twelve management principles, which Inamori shared with Seiwajuku members, says “Have dreams and hopes, as well as honesty and open mind.”

First of all, we should realize the driving power of subconscious mindset and keep trying with no doubts. This is how we conduct the twelves principle: be open and honest while conducting business practice. So its very important to believe what Inamori said and carry it out anyway.

2 Be aware the root cause to disturb subconscious function (think about the benefits under the status-quo)

Inamori said, “In other words, if you are thinking seriously about work and management all the time with ’the utmost attention’, your subconscious will work and you will get wonderful ideas. Such inspiration also works to solve issues that you have been dealing with. By thinking seriously and repeatedly, everyone can conduct ‘Keep strong desire under subconscious level’.

Looking at history, most successful people in the world have said: ‘ The world surrounding you can be formed as you desire ‘. In other words, it is a universal truth that strong and persistent desire will come true. Subconscious mind is just a tool working in the process.
Desire eagerly, so that you would be able to see your dreams come true. Paradoxically, the reason we don’t succeed is just because we don’t want to have the outcome under our subconscious mind. “

I think this paradoxical explanation is very important.
People should ask themselves the following questions.

Question: Once my wish is realized, what will happen?

Some people may come up with the following idea.

My work would be harder.
I must challenge the next hurdle.
I should bear solitude.
The relationship with my partner may get worse.
I would lose the objective of my life.

Once our dreams come true, maybe we will have to face another problem that we have wanted to avoid. Our subconscious mind has already known this and worked so that we don’t have to be concerned about the future.

“Even though I desires eagerly, the reality does not change”
Those who say above, after all, are ones, under their subconscious mind, who never desire that goal. It’s important to talk to ourselves “Do you really want to make this happen?
I think it’s also important for us to analyze the consequences that follow after the moment of “dreams come true”. In other words, we should analyze the next step of our dream’s coming true. By taking this approach, you will find out what you really want.

3 Imagine us fulfilled

What you are supposed to do in the above step 2 is to change our images toward ” our dreams come true.” In other words, Step 2 is the process of clarifying what you really want.
We should visualize the situation where our wishes have been fulfilled. Our wishes are for example as follows.

Achieve sales of *** yen.
Imagine going on a trip with the staff once we ‘ve achieved the target.
Think about installing new equipment.
Imagine the smiles of employees’ children


Such creations are effective in empowering the subconscious mind.
Inamori referred to Tempu Nakamura, the social influencer, “Mr. Tempu Nakamura expressed ‘ Persistent desire will come true’ in the following way. I also used it as Kyocera’s slogan and introduced it at Seiwajyuku’s regular meetings. ‘ Fulfillment of the new plan lies in continuous dedication. Thus, just think earnestly, be noble, be strong, and be diligent.”
In other words, you need to be ready to work hard no matter what difficulties you encounter. The secret to success is to keep desiring our goals, with an honest and diligent mindset.”

I am also very interested in how the subconscious mind works. I have learned this theme through books as well as my own experiences. Through my own experiences, I have realized that it is the subconscious mind that creates reality.”

So to sum up, the subconscious mind can help increase our performance, when we believe, analyze and imagine its function.


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