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Latin Culture

Viva Italia on-line, why we Japanese love Italy so much?

Some say that we are attracted with completely different characters, and others says we would feel comfortable with people whom we have some similarities with. This has been obvious fact that many Japanese like Italy, not only as a tourist destination but also as a country that we are very much attracted in many ways. …

How to deal with gunshots, lessons learned from Brazil 2

Well, what do you do if you hear gunshots? Yesterday, I shared with you how to deal with this kind of emergency. Again, don’t run away, this is important.   I heard the gunshot as the second time in my life when I spent my new year in Brazil with my husband. By the way, …

How to deal with gunshots, lessons learned from Brazil 1

Today, I’ll share with you my experience of hearing actual gunshots in Brazil. Let me tell you first, everyone, when you hear gunshots, don’t run away. So what should we do? I’ve heard real gunshots twice in my life.  The first one may be about eight or nine years ago. I was at my Brazilian …

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