Japanese Real Estate Investment Advisory, Appraisal, Family Firm advisory


Investment Advisory

Capable and Professional Advisory Unprofessional Advisory
First checking the most suitable vehicle* on the client side

Develop the fundamental agreements on the investment platform**

Take the best opportunity to investment with quick and smooth process

Generate investment return and maintaining the professional reporting

Continuously bring the satisfactory outcome to the client

Sending tons of property info

Potential investor shows his interest for a property

Start checking investment scheme/ simply imposing direct investment without any vehicle

Creating a lot of issues in actual investment decision

Client loses money/ investment opportunity

* Please check on client end which structure would best fit with your fund, in light of the tax purpose. Please refer ARES site, further information, please contact

** With the outstanding certifies asset managers in Japan, we first establish the platform

Real Esate Advisory Service

Target Clients

Non Japaense, Middle to Small business/ companies, as well as individuals

Target Areas

Tokyo, Major Cities in Japan, small-middle suburban areaes, resorts (Okinawa), other Asian major cities

Asset Classes

Commercial, Office, Retail, Logistics, Commercial Properties, Offices, Retails, Logistics, Hotels, Health-Care  Facilities, Refineries, Other special properties


Valuation/ Appraisal, Research, Initial Feedback, Investment Advisory, Investment Analysis, Asset Management Strategy Development

Family Real Estate Wealth Management


You may be concerned about

How we should inherite the real estate from my parents?
What would be the best strategy to maximize the profit from the asset?
How to hand them over the next generation?
What are the sustainable value of our properties?
How to avoid any conflicts / arguments come from our real estate?


You can expect to

Understand the nature of each asset and options to realize the highest and best use of it
Become confident in managing real estate portfolio
Feel the integration to the local communitity through real estate
Be prepared to well survive over future market cycles
Create further growth from the legacies inherited from former generations

How come?

Well qualified experts analyze your family legacy sustainability through three circles: business, ownership and management
Delivering all the expertise of various fields in real esate industory over major markets in the world with high standards
Long terms views from which our analysis has always been oriented and which has satisfied global long term investors such as pension funds
High quality analysis come from more than 5000 valuation cases accumulated over past thirty years
Reflecting diversified market practices and integrating them into the most understandable and applicable business model in real estate

Success/ Committed Rent Renewal

In Japan, due to laws and regulations, if you are landlord or tenant, the rent increase/ reduction looks really difficult. We, together with experienced lawyers, through professional and seamless communication with them, provide rent appraisal report which convincing and relevant enough to justify your rent renewal argument, while fully complying with the laws and regulations.We provide the rent appraisal report in both Japanese and English so that you can be prepared for the official rent arbitration/ mediation/conciliation/ processes, while providing the best internal reporting data.
Please refer the following
Rent Negotiation Service (PDF)

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