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Why Japanese art has been appreciated in overseas countries?

Now I am learning about the history / background of a famous Japanese artist and his works. It may be said that I am understanding the artist himself so that I can learn how to appreciate his works, the transformation of this souls and spirits.   This artist became famous in the United States first. …

The air, what drives Japanese, the findings from Shichihei Yamamoto

For those who would like to understand more Japanese people’s mentality for you to do good business here in Japan, I would suggest the book written by Shichihei Yamamoto. Shichihei has the Western name, Isaiah Ben-Dasan and wrote books in English about The Japanese and the Jews. He has been well-known for his business theory …

I know nowadays quite limited number of information has been pass through in the world. However, I found the sense of humor in Italy as well as their passion towards their soul foods, Pizza. 買い占め続くイタリアで、唯一売れ残った商品に「さすが」「不覚にも笑った」

Tips for the breakthrough: Change your unconscious minds, behaviors, facts and business structures, not the other way around.

This time, we talked about the USA Seiwajuku opening ceremony. Q: What were the keys that Mr. Inamori* shared with people? A: The most important thing is considering whether or not the business will be able to achieve the gross margin (gross profit) necessary to make the business viable. For example, Japanese food is very …

Genius artist lived in the same era as did Davinci

You should not live on Ikebana, this is the principle motto that our Souami Ikebana school master needs to follow. Thus, he has two occupations, one is Ikebana teaching and the other is painting. Our master mentioned following as his new year speech. Last year was the five hundred celebration year since Leonard DaVinci died. …

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