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Tips for the breakthrough: Change your unconscious minds, behaviors, facts and business structures, not the other way around.

This time, we talked about the USA Seiwajuku opening ceremony. Q: What were the keys that Mr. Inamori* shared with people? A: The most important thing is considering whether or not the business will be able to achieve the gross margin (gross profit) necessary to make the business viable. For example, Japanese food is very …

No weird failure, said by a Japanese baseball coach

Mr. Katsuya Nomura, very famous baseball technical coach in Japan passed away and his words have been reported on the media. One of them is the captioned one, “No weird failure, although we have seen some unexpected success. Every failure has a lot of causes to be explained. Nomura has been also famous as his …

Becoming a Youtuber is justified?

What are the ideas to be justified?? We must always have a spirit of seeking the right thing and a spirit of pursuing our ideals. At the beginning of Inamori’s Kyocera Philosophy’s book, it is stated that we must always pursue what is right as a human being. “There may be many unpleasant and disappointing …

Sold everything in Japan, but why??

I had a chat with my friend Asset manager today, he said, now its not the best timing to invest into Japanese real estate. The market is in its peak. We can hardly squeeze the good return from that. All the information that I have collected from my recent research, I believe it has been …

The cheapest debt in the world!!

Several months ago, a guy who is representing middle eastern investors asked me,”Are there any opportunities of project finance, as we can finance a project, our interest rate is three percent, quite cheep!” “Listen, unfortunately, no one would borrow money from you, as nowadays, Japanese interest rates are quite cheep, 1-2 percent maximum, even below …

Our Values

Why Japanese or Asian philosophy now?

Back ground

After working for Japanese consulting firm for 12 years, I studied abroad to undertake MBA
program, then came back to Japan, I joined foreign based financial institutions and worked for 7 years. When I was working for Japanese company, I was thinking that Japanese mind set looks outdated and we should look at that of Western. However, now that I have a variety of international experiences, I feel that Japanese mindset and philosophy are worth learning as so-called dominated values are not always applicable to solve our day to day issues.
Thus, I started learning Japanese martial art, Aikido, Ikebana(Flower arrangment), and business philosophy at Seiwajuku, which was founded by Mr. Inamori (Kyocera and KDDI founder as well as the head of JAL revitalization project soon after its bankrupt in 2010. )

I would like to release Japanese philosophy not only in business context but also in cultural & social aspects to give you a bit of flavor of what are the miracles behind them. This would help you to understand the Asian mind set and what is the major business driver of the world’s third largest economy. It has been said that now the 21st century is not the material world but mental, spiritual, or the quality oriented stuffs have been more focused. I feel this is true as most of you have perceived. If I can share with you my views on Japanese & Asian philosophy and ideas on our core values and you find them to be interesting, that would be really pleasure to me.

Thererfore, after my left foreign bases company in 2013, I decided to set up a global business company but its core value comes from Japan and Asia.  Those values are

  1. Looking at long term prosperity and sustainability to be inherited over generations
  2. Oriented to Japanese core value WA-harmony, integration, peace, innovation, acceptance, and calmness-
  3. Solving issues on resources such as real estate, assets, property and human power
  4. Respecting mutual trusts over different culture background
  5. Delivering not superfucial but profond, dyanamic and multi cultural analysis

Considering actions driven by unconscious mindset, carefully develop the solution to promote the progress in human beings.
Taking into account above values, we started providing professional services in the following areas.

  1. Real Estate Advisory
  2. Real Estate Valuation and Research
  3. Real Estate Asset Management
  4. Family Business Wealth Development Advisory
  5. Global business consultancy service for Middle to Small business

We are growing company and are always challenge new areas which our competitors have never entered. Thus please do not hesitate to contact us first before you give up due to the lack of experts.

We look forward to working for you.

Best regards,

Yuko Tomizuka


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