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How can we build up trusts among staff?

Under the title of “Building a trust among staff,” Inamori talked about the importance of building trust between staff members within the company. This time, I would like to talk about the tips for building trust. “Since its founding, Kyocera has placed the fundamental value of our company on the ties among employees who can …

The secret of the Asian horoscope, – the compass for the Asian era-

As business global leaders have already been aware of, now the business arena has been shifting from Western to the Eastern, especially to Asia. I was born in Japan and raised there but through my busiess career, I have had a lot of opportunities to work with non-Japanese counterparts. From my experience, I feel that …

Why is Ono invisible? -for martial art fans-

I feel that those who are interested in the martial arts have been watching Tokyo Olympic games. I, as an Aikido fan, have been checking especially JUDO. I was very much impressed with the performance and results that Ono demonstrated, even though he was unsuccessful in group matches. photo from wikipedia As I have analyzed …

Drivers of “Hello Kitty”

Hello Kitty has been a character that has fascinated women in Japan and around the world for over 50 years. Ms. Aya Komaki, the director of Sanrio Entertainment, the company that created Hello Kitty, talked about what have driven the success of character business in Sanrio for almost half a century. The drivers seem to …

Indication of Jomon style organizational structure

According to Mr. Haruichi Kato, the Jomondo researcher, we can find business tips applicable to our society. Jomon Era, which we had in JP around BC 14000 yrs to BC 10 C, had a lot of insights for us to develop our organization fitting to the future needs in the society. The photo is from …

Jomondo and Bushido, how are those two associated?

Mr. Kato has released the following interesting comparison between Jomondo and Bushido in his article Jomondo news letter no 49. The followings are its summary incorporating my own interpretation of the theme. Do:  the pass way, which human beings and the universe ,as a whole, have been followed and maintained. Jomondo: the value which ancient …

Jyomon people and hunting

In the past articles, Mr.Kato mentioned that Jyomon people were maritime people. However, in the latest article in No.47, he also pointed out Jyomon people’s major proficiency: hunting. The notable features of Jyomon hunters are as follows; 1 Breeding Japanese hounds 2 Developing Instinctive five senses 3 The root cause of discrimination     1 …

Two Most important Taiwanese for Japan

Since the COVID-19 spread in March, I have been spending my time to study Taiwan. I feel today is the best timing to write something about two most important Taiwanese for Japan. The number one is the former Prime Minister, Mr. Lee Denghui and the other one is the current digital the minister, Ms. Audrey …

Car is your physical body, driver is your mindset

As the Aikido discussion goes, Maser Yamaguchi explains why the mental maturity is so important in your life as well as in Aikido practice. You can find more details in this video.    

What is KI and what is RI, fundamental parts of Japanese martial art

Aikido discussion with our master Iwao Yamaguchi and our student in Washington DC dojo, keeps and we are moving on to the mental part of Aikido.what is KI . What is RI. HOw those two concepts are related each other.  

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