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Therapy for Family Business, with Hawaiian Aloha Tarot

Sometimes, Tarot card or other materials work for us to read people’s feeling. Some people say Tarot is a sort of fortune telling and there is no logic or reason to rely on. Other people put importance on the readings and fortune telling function of those cards.   Personally, since I learned “Hawaiian Aloha Tarot”, …

At time goes by, how would you treat your partner in your seventies?

In Japan, seventies and eighties, one super star singer had predominated all over Japan. His name is Kenji Sawada, we called him Jury. I recall one of his hit song numbers: As time goes by, Tokino gugiyuku mamani. The lyrics say, “you ‘ve got so tired that you don’t want to live any more… .” …

Annoying parents / siblings and civil code.

Should I get along with my hated parents and siblings, or do I have a good relationship with them? but··· As many of my clients have asked this and I have told them” you don’t have to forcibly get along with those unpleasant parents and siblings.” If you don’t want to see their faces, you …

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