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What is the process of development permission in Japan?

In Japan, when it comes to a building construction, there are two major building permissions to be considered. 1 Land development permission and 2 Building permission. No 1 is required for the land with more than a certain size however, No 2 is required for the most of buildings. For the large size of land, …

Dobojo, the Jeanne d’Arc in construction cost soar

In Japanese, Doboku means civil engineering and Joshi means female or women. Now it has been a trend that female workers have been covering the lack of workers in construction and engineering industry. By taking the initial of those two Japanese words, we call those female workers Dobojo, sounds like a French word…. Especially in …

Beto Box master plan- infamous Japanese imagination-

When I was working for a German bank, we had an audit. My supervisor located in Germany covered my role and was really astonished with Japanese auditors’ questions. I told him ”Sorry, Meet Sensei-his name-, I have to say that Japanese are really detail-oriented!!”, He laughed and said, “Yes, Yuko san, they are exactly detail …

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