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The secret of the Asian horoscope, – the compass for the Asian era-

As business global leaders have already been aware of, now the business arena has been shifting from Western to the Eastern, especially to Asia. I was born in Japan and raised there but through my busiess career, I have had a lot of opportunities to work with non-Japanese counterparts. From my experience, I feel that …

Taiwan’s future: Fortune telling of Audrey Tang

In this May, a friend of mine, Ms. Cameria made an analysis on Mr. Xí Jìnpíng.   According to the so-called Asian zodiac, Xi won’t be able to pursue the both: economic growth and the China Communist Party unification. It was a dilemma: maintaining the economy, the system would collapse, while reinforcing top- down power, …

Communist Party or Economic growth, future of Xi, China leader

I am not sure how many of non-Asians are familiar with the idea of Divination System. It was born and developed in the ancient China and remained “hidden art/ philosophy” for many centuries only to the Emperor. When the Cultural Revolution (1966-1976) happened, this art was about to be burnt out and taken away to …

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