This time, Inamori* spoke about the above motto in Kyocera philosophy.

What Inamori said is quoted with “”.


“ It takes a lot of energy to get the job done. And that energy comes from encouraging and igniting yourself. The best way to fuel yourself is to love your job. No matter what kind of work you do, if you put your all souls and spirits into it and complete your tasks, you would feel a great sense of accomplishment and confidence, and additionally you would be motivated to take on the next higher goal.

As you repeat this process, you will love your job even more. If you do that, you are willing to make any kind of effort, and you would eventually be able to achieve great results. Only when you reach this state of mind can you accomplish truly great work. ”


As examples of how we can love our works, Mr. Inamori highlighted the following three points.


1 Never complain about your as-is job.

2 Consider the as-is work your vocation.

3 Learn the significance and scars of your job



Let me explain one by one.


1 Never complain about your as-is job.

“ I had no one to complain to and was left alone in a company with negative performance. At that point, I decided that worrying too much would be like spitting at the sky, so I decided to focus on my work as hard as I could, so I opened my eyes and started immersing myself in research into fine ceramics. . . Interestingly, some good research results began to emerge. “

→ As you open yourself up, give everything away, then make up your mind, you will begin to see new developments. Aikido teacher Yamaguchi explained the word “give up” comes from the composition of `obviously’ and `determined’. We anticipate our future and we must face what we cannot escape from.

His explanation helped me to understand “give up”. I feel the word “give up “means clarifying what you need to do, what you can’t do, and what you still can do. In other words, giving up is clarifying your mission.”


2 Consider the as-is work your vocation.

” I originally majored in organic chemistry, especially petrochemistry and plastics, at university, I only learned about the world of pottery on a whim before I started working. If anything, I don’t like the field of inorganic chemistry. However, as I devoted myself to the research and began to see good results, it became more and more interesting, so I continued to devote myself even more, and I continued to produce good results.

I was able to successfully synthesize a new high-frequency insulating material for the first time in Japan. I was very happy and my life began to improve. I now feel deeply that I fell in love with my job and that enthusiasm has allowed me to develop my career as of today. ”

→ I didn’t like the real estate jobs that I was involved in my 20s, 30s, and early 40s. I thought it was a job I had no choice but to do. However, when I see other countries, society and people’s life there, I started thinking about Japan’s urban infrastructure such as railway networks, road networks, and urban development. All of them are extremely wonderful. Real estate is the foundation of those excellences, so I was able to understand that it is a very important work.

Some people view real estate as a speculative investment, simply a way to make money. Also, since the amount of money involved is large, it is also a world where human desires are absorbed. Therefore, I believe that the work of real estate appraisal, which seriously, honestly, and sincerely analyzes the usage and value of real estate, is of great significance. I was gradually involved in this industry, and I am grateful for the many occasions which have led me to this direction.


3 Learn the significance and scars of your job

“ The material had been successfully synthesized by GE (General Electric) in the United States about a year before I developed it. I succeeded in creating this new material on my own for the first time in Japan. That’s what I accomplished. ”

→ Our company was able to receive an order that all other companies in the arena, including big name companies, had turned down, and we were able to successfully complete that mission. This was the project that this client had worked on for the past 20 years, and that project has great social significance for Japan as well.

I am truly grateful to have been given this kind of work. Although we are still a small company, we would like to explain the significance of this kind of work to our staff and work hard on the work we do.



To summarize, Mr. Inamori said that loving your job is the most important thing in achieving your big goals. First, eliminate complaints, view the work you are doing as a calling(vocational work) , and discuss with the staff the significance and scarcity values of the work. By doing them, all workers can come to love their work.



* Mr. Kazuo Inamori, the founder of Kyocera, KDDI (one of the top tele communication companies in Japan) and the top of revitalization project of JAL. As a well-known Japanese entrepreneur, he has been sharing his experiences and management know-how with managements of small to middle companies in Japan.


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