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Why Japanese art has been appreciated in overseas countries?

Now I am learning about the history / background of a famous Japanese artist and his works. It may be said that I am understanding the artist himself so that I can learn how to appreciate his works, the transformation of this souls and spirits.   This artist became famous in the United States first. …

Once upon a time in Japan- the penetration of Corporate Governance Code in Japan-

The followings are what I learned from seminar organized by Mr. Hiro Kobayashi, the president of Social Capital Management Co.,Ltd. (https://www.social-capm.com/ )   In Japan, many of you know that each emperor has its own Era. During the World War II and the following economic growth, we, Japanese lived in the Showa Era. The lost …

Car is your physical body, driver is your mindset

As the Aikido discussion goes, Maser Yamaguchi explains why the mental maturity is so important in your life as well as in Aikido practice. You can find more details in this video.    

What is KI and what is RI, fundamental parts of Japanese martial art

Aikido discussion with our master Iwao Yamaguchi and our student in Washington DC dojo, keeps and we are moving on to the mental part of Aikido.what is KI . What is RI. HOw those two concepts are related each other.  

Good Aikido Exercise your staying home period

Seven Seagal, or many other Hollywood actors have been training Aikido. Japanese martial arts have been a sort of global phenomenon. Under Corona lockdown, our Aikido master, Mr. I wao Yamaguchi mentioned, what we should do as our mental exercise.    

Dannshari and Konmari

Many of you have heard the name of Mary Kondo, who released her know-how on how to get your environment organized. This became a sort of best seller in many countries. At the same time, the word “Dan Sha Ri” has been well-used in our society. Dan means cutting, quitting something Sha means throwing away, …

At time goes by, how would you treat your partner in your seventies?

In Japan, seventies and eighties, one super star singer had predominated all over Japan. His name is Kenji Sawada, we called him Jury. I recall one of his hit song numbers: As time goes by, Tokino gugiyuku mamani. The lyrics say, “you ‘ve got so tired that you don’t want to live any more… .” …

Viva Italia on-line, why we Japanese love Italy so much?

Some say that we are attracted with completely different characters, and others says we would feel comfortable with people whom we have some similarities with. This has been obvious fact that many Japanese like Italy, not only as a tourist destination but also as a country that we are very much attracted in many ways. …

Natural born comedian

In Japan, culture and personality is not simply unique. Depending on regions, culture and mindsets are very different. Especially greater Osaka, we call Kansai area, its culture and values are extremely different from those of Tokyo. For instance, the Kansai dialect is distinct and very different from Tokyo, we presume to be the standard. One …

Claim JP media for fairness, Chiba Mayor’s courage

Chiba Mayor Mr. Kumagaya mentioned his opinion on media’s fairness regarding this COVID19 pandemic. This was well received by Japanese people and some deeply agreed with Kumagaya, and others encouraged Kumagaya to release his ideas more. Chiba is the fourth largest prefecture in greater Tokyo area in terms of population, and Narita airport and Tokyo …

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